• Chicago, IL, US | SfN Neuroscience 2019

    October 19-23, 2019

The countdown for Neuroscience 2019 has started! This year's annual meeting will take place October 19-23 in Chicago. Join us and 30,000 international colleagues at the world’s largest meeting place for neuroscience. We're already looking forward to meeting you in booth 663 and 669 in Chicago this October!

New in EthoVision XT 14

The best video tracking software available just got an upgrade! If you are working with a lot of data and need to be able to easily import it into your favorite statistical program (such as Excel), then you will really like this new feature. You can now easily customize the layout of statistics tables in EthoVision XT.

Visit Noldus Information Technology in booth 663

At Noldus Information Technology, we make it our mission to ensure that our software can get you the analysis you need quickly, easily, and reliably. Take a look at some examples of Neuroscience software tools and how they're used by researchers around the world.

Are you interested in starting a new lab, or perhaps in updating your current lab to its maximum potential? If so, this list of ultimate neuroscience software tools is the place to begin. Or visit us in booth 669 to speak to one of our sales consultants, or get a live demos.

Human neuroscience in booth 669

Researchers in this field aim to understand the brain mechanisms supporting cognitive and social behavior in humans, and how these mechanisms may be altered in various disease models.

As this often requires bringing together a data of different types, one software to work as an integration platform is ideal. The Observer XT is that platform. It offers perfect synchronization of physiological data, eye tracker data, and facial expression analysis data. Noldus solutions empower the study of brain functions, eye movements, and facial expressions in combination with other behavior.


Gait and locomotion in animal models

Gait, locomotor function, motor learning, associative learning.. Just some of the important parameters in research on Parkinsons's and other neurological disorders that affect movement. CatWalk XT and ErasmusLadder have proven to be sensitive tools in the study of gait and locomotion in rodent models. Are you curious to find out how these tools can advance your research? Go to www.noldus.com/catwalk and www.noldus.com/erasmusladder or contact us directly for more information.

Customer success story

We recently visited the Behavioral Analysis Facility at the University of Rouen, where Dr. Jean-Claude do Rego and Dr. Jean-Luc do Rego are evaluating the behavioral and functional activities of new pharmacological drugs. Watch the video to learn more about their research, and how they make use of Noldus' tools.

Think we should pay a visit to your lab? Let us know at marcom@noldus.nl


How to use EthoVision XT: 3 tips

EthoVision XT has a number of useful features that can make conducting your project an easy and convenient experience. Whether you have just started to familiarize yourself with the software or you are an experienced user, these tips can help you run your study more efficiently and may even surprise you!

For more information, please visit our EthoVision XT section on our website.

EthoVision XT is the world's most used video tracking tool, as well as a software platform to build your set-up on. Video tracking essentially means that EthoVision XT recognizes your animal from a life video feed or video file and is able to track its movement or activity.

DanioVision is the complete system designed for experiments with zebrafish larvae. It is for anybody performing research in drug development, safety pharmacology, behavioral genetics, circadian rhythmicity and related research areas.

CatWalk XTis the complete system for quantitative assessment of footfalls and motor performance in rats and mice.

ErasmusLadder is the complete system for the assessment of motor performance and motor learning in mice.

Neuroscience Conferences List

Looking for the best neuroscience conferences to add to your 2019 calendar? Look no further! We’ve put together an comprehensive list of the best (behavioral) neuroscience conferences to attend in 2019.

The ultimate list of neuroscience conferences in 2019